Russian paratroopers parachute in, dust off the equipment and set up camp.  They then have to clear the runway for the large aircraft to land, and set the course.  Then they stand around nonchalantly ready to protect us from Polar Bear attack.  

In the mean time, we get flown in when there is an appropriate weather window.  There are around 40 competitors and no crowds of supporters. The marathon is run over 4 or 5 laps of a circuit, that takes in the relative flat of the runway but then undulating terrain from snow to ice.

You can see in the video that you wear skiing-type gear.  Temperature is a danger:  getting too hot and sweating can lead to disaster when you cool down as it quickly freezes and then frostbite is a danger.   The general temperature can be anything between -30°C and -50°C. If an average London time is 4-hours something, an average time here is 8+.  It’s really a feat of physical and mental endurance.  

Just like Lola’s.