Sprint finish - Dreadmill drills.

I have an ITB strain.  This is a matter of major inconvenience, as it means I cant run distance, because a) it hurts and b) its caused by repetitive strain as the ITB takes the brunt of the stabilisation required for my crappy ankles. You’re only as strong as the weakest link...


The solution is to build strength so I’ve switched the training on its head:  instead of 4 runs a week and 1 or 2 gym sessions its the opposite, with the runs being substituted for non-impact cardio.  That’s ok because I can go to spin classes and Versa classes which I like.  I can also do sprints on a treadmill. Oh the irony, a longer gentle pace run cant be tolerated by my truculent left leg but 5x 200m, 200m interval, then 5x100m, 100m interval sprints can.  Puke.  Sprints, for me, are taken at 16-18kmh.  I keep remembering my brother who fell off the back of a treadmill recently attempting 20kmh and took the skin off the top of his foot.  In a class.  Shouldn’t laugh, but, I’m sure the class did.  


So I’ve become a weight lifting squat demon.  Who knew there were so many ways of creating leg torture? Lunge, squat, press, raise, weighted, unweighted.  Oh and those rubber bands?  Arse burn (I’d never make a PT - I can never remember the proper names for muscles and all that stuff).    I wonder if in 16 weeks I’ll become a Kardashian rival?


But the thing that worries me is that, in doing the Half, I had started to understand motion as a state.  A state not defined by the 45 mins to run 10k home, an A-to-B satnav destination.  But fluid motion, alone with thoughts and moving forward.  I worry that in the 15 weeks I have left I wont be able to experience this again, or, probe new distance.  It’s possible I do this thing never having done the marathon distance before.  


Is this a problem?  I don’t know and I’m not about to google it.  I know that as long as I can put one foot in front of the other I can keep moving.