Pushing out of your Comfort Zone

What does “pushing out of your comfort zone” actually mean?

Like trying a new food, you might nibble a bit first, see if you like the flavour, the texture. Or take a bloody great bite because, well hey what’s the worst that can happen?

I’ve taken lots of nibbles over the last few years and I’ve enjoyed the taste.

World marathon challenge? Check.
Marathon des Sables? Check.
Antarctic expedition? Check.

Oh no, don’t be silly, that’s not me. That’s the daft bugger who has planted the seed in my mind. I suspect, whilst memorable, none of those were as challenging as strapping his kit on and heading out into the Afghan war zone. But I haven’t asked him quite why he thinks this 42yr old desk bound family man can complete the North Pole Marathon. Don’t need to. That he seems to think me capable, is enough.

I try to cast it off as madness, but it won’t go away. I cant get it out of my mind. I can give you a hundred reasons why not to do this.

I need some advice so I email Ollie Ollerton.

“I am giving serious consideration to running the North Pole marathon next April.  Which is bloody funny really as I dislike running and have never run a marathon

I want to pause for thought before blithely believing I can do anything I want, as this represents a whole different ballgame to everything I’ve done before.  

So my question:  given the conditions, temperature and isolation, how much additional mental and physical load would you think that represents vs any other 7hour endurance type event and do you think, with a 9mth lead time, it's achievable, or a bit silly to consider?”

The reply is swift, encouraging and signed off with the following words

“Bottom line is you know its within you otherwise we wouldn’t be having this communication.”

He’s right you know.

So I am 100% in